“First ever Selfie”

“My first ever Selfie. March 2010 in Paris”. 

I figured out the selfie game back in 2010. 

This picture is taken with my erstwhile Blackberry………….


mirror mirror on the wall


Raw and Real

Weekends are spend scouting for fruits and vegetables in the open Chinatown markets. I have always loved fruits and vegetables but I have never paid too much attention to what I eat because I am travelling and on the go most of the time. However, after consuming a lot of junk foods in the first 3 months of this year, I decided to come clean (literally), by changing my food intake. Fruits and Raw Salads. Avocados +Broccoli, and tomatoes and Yams and smoothies with nuts daily. I took a lot of bread out of my meals (it was a lot of breads in the diet), and replaced it with fresh foods and lots of water. It’s a new lifestyle and I am loving it. I spend a good 40 minutes in the morning getting my meals ready for the day. I feel a lot lighter already and energetic as well. Besides, this lifestyle really resonates with me. Always loved fruits and all vegetables and newly raw…… 😍🤩

Fashion’s two tales

It’s been a great week with lots of interesting meetings and gifts all week. I attended Fern Mallis’s event called Iconic series in the Upper East Side. Christian Siriano was witty, funny and the talk was fresh. Dressing up these movie stars and the first Lady. Well, it all seems possible here. I remember at C&M media I saw daily the PR log books for Sara Jessica Parker etc. The talk reminded me of 2003 in NYC. This dress is made by me. I love the fabric, it is sourced from Chandigarh. Love it. Enjoy xoxo reading the button blog.

Cross-Border Maverick

How to….”

Boot-Strap building a new Consulting business in 3 continents  Well….here are some of the quick 10 points relevant to start, and then take it cross-border…….

  1. Have a clear value-proposition of your product / services.

  2.  Have a compelling story + a 5 word pitch.

  3. Give people something, before you ask for something.

  4. Network, network, network – in a focused way.

  5. Boot-Strapping is important, as you don’t want to run out of steam. Don’t be ashamed of boot-strapping, it shows you are resourceful and good with managing budgets.

  6. Aim to close the deals. It’s all very good to have leads. It’s of no use until we close.

  7. Go for Big Deals – you are a start-up. Time is of the essence. It takes the same amount of time to do a small deal or a big deal – do a big deal.

  8. Learn how to say NO. You will have many choices and forks in the road. You will have to choose which ones to walk on, and which one to say NO too. Say NO often.

  9. Invest in your Personal Brand.

  10. Enjoy the Process – and the unfolding. CFIU6958

Travel Tales

I am fortunate that  I travel a lot for work. Whether it is for sourcing, or business development I am so lucky that I get to do what I love. Here is a sneak peak into my bag. I always have a book and a magazine and my diary with me.

Now, I listen to my books on audible………..but i still carry my journal with me on my travel desitinations……….

  • More on my travels xoxo IMG_2323IMG_9262