Woman Crush Wednesday: Sofia Boutella

Beautiful dark eyes revealing her Moroccan origins, the fit body of someone who’s made the gym their second home, and now a successful acting career: this is Sofia Boutella, our latest WCW!

Sofia was born in 1982 in a tiny town in suburb Algiers, but when she was 10 her parents (a jazz musician and an architect) decided to uproot their lives and move to France. In Europe, young Sofia continued the dancing classes she’d started back in Morocco and also began training in rhythmic gymnastics. Her talent bloomed: by the time she was 18, Boutella joined the French national team.

Once she took up hip hop dance, the job offers started flowing: thus her passion turned into a job. Some of you will remember a young, beautiful woman dancing in Madonna’s video clips in the 2000s, most notably in Hung Up and Sorry… yup, that was Sofia Boutella! After these experiences in the music industry, Nike asked her to model for the super popular Keep Up commercial, in which Sofia showcased her impressive dancing skills. The commercial went viral, and very soon film directors join the list of people wanting to cast her.

A new chapter began for Sofia, one that saw her becoming an actress. The first significant film in which she was cast was StreetDance 2 (2012), which was followed by a number of important roles, such as in The Mummy (in which she is the first woman to star as the mummy), Star Trek Beyond, and Atomic Blonde, forthcoming at the end of the summer, in which her co-star is Charlize Theron. According to the media, we can expect Sofia to be at her best in this latest film – and apparently some hot scenes between her and Charlize are in the cards… to be honest, we can’t wait to see this movie. How about you?


from The Blonde Salad
via http://ift.tt/2w5g1tE


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