Cliff Diving: The Best Places to Jump into Adventure

File under: places that are absolutely not lacking in the “wow” department. Still, are they good enough to inspire you to dive from a height of up to 88 feet, from a rock, and with close to no room for your run-up? If your answer is yes, we have to tell you, a) are you crazy?!, and b) here’s a list of great places for you (crazy) thrill-seekers! If you answer is no (ours is), then no worry: you can still go and gaze at the beautiful views and nutty divers. Since 2009, Red Bull has been organizing cliff diving competitions around the world, and every year the locations just get wilder and wilder for an ever-improving adrenaline-fuelled experience. This year’s Italian stop, in Apulia, is what inspired this post. Here’s the most breath-taking places to fearlessly dive into the blue!

Acapulco, Mexico (Photo by Prayitno)
Porto Venere, Italy
Mazatlán, Mexico
Islet Vila Franca do Campo, Azores, Portugal.
Negril, Jamaica
The Kimberley, Australia
Inis Mor, Ireland
Krabi, Thailand

from The Blonde Salad


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