Unesco World Heritage Sites: new in for 2017!

Our planet has so many undiscovered, unbelievable wonders, a few of which get added to the well-known Unesco World Heritage Site list every year. Year after year, the list of sites considered to be our global heritage grows a little longer; thanks to the work of experts, they come to the attention of the wider public and – who knows – these wonderful places could even end up on your own personal list of places you need to see! This year’s new entries are located on five continents, but that doesn’t change the fact that Italy leads the way with a total of 53 heritage sites. We’ll let the pictures do the talking: these are 8 among the newly-inscribed wonders in the Unesco WHS list – and we’ve totally fallen for every single one of them!

Ahmedabad, India (Flickr shin-k)
Afrodisia, Turkey (Flickr Veronika)
Taputapuātea, French Polynesia (Flickr Pierre Lesage)
Yazd, Iran (Flickr Jaume Mir)
Sambor Prei Kuk, Cambogia (Flickr El Dragonauta)
Lake District, UK (Flickr Frank Alvarado)
Hebron, Palestine (Flickr Jonas Hansel)
ǂKhomani, South Africa

from The Blonde Salad
via http://ift.tt/2v1CWIf


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