Biotherm And The Spring Of Eternal Youth

The story goes that many centuries ago, in an area of the Pyrenees not far from the town of Perpignan, a group of Gallo-Roman soldiers bathed in a thermal spring. They were astounded by the effect the water had on their skin, which was immediately made softer, smoother, and younger. Wounds also seemed to be healing faster! After screaming in delight (well, not actually screaming, but you know), they couldn’t help spreading the news, and so the story has been told and passed from generation to generation. And this is how I also imagine any other myth concerning the spring of eternal youth. And you know what? In this case, it’s not a myth – it’s all true. In the ’50s in Perpignan a thermal spring could be found that was located exactly where the mythical spring was supposed to be. By analyzing its water, Dr Jos Jullien broke new ground in both science and beauty research, with Life Plankton Quest. This is also basically the story of how Biotherm was born and how Life Plankton became its mission. I had the privilege of being their guest and exploring the near-magical place where everything began. Spoiler alert: it’s a cave, and at first sight, a pretty unsurprising place. But the best about this adventure and about Biotherm is that nothing is what it seems, and as you go deeper, the transformation happens. Entering a cave that’s millions of years old is a unique experience in itself that you must have at least once in your life. Thanks to school trips and family vacations, this wasn’t my first time in one, but I can’t help being mesmerized each and every time observing my surroundings. This cave is a metaphor of life, that never stops changing. It takes thousands of years for stalactites and stalagmites (mineral formations) to form. They accumulate drop after drop, just a few millimeters a month, and on a good year they might get 1 centimeter (0.39 in) longer. Wow, right? It’s easy to understand why to speleologists, these are natural cathedrals, with their rock art and their sense of sacredness. Yes, indeed, they are sacred, because man’s behaviour has tremendous, potentially destructive effects on caves like this: you risk losing centuries worth of history at every step. So I recommend you tread carefully and mindfully, so fully understand this experience and the message at the core of Biotherm’s Life Plankton Quest. Nature has delicate balances that we must observe, understand, and use to our advantage while respecting it. Life Plankton has made this its core value, and united nature and science in unprecedented ways through innovation, drastically changing beauty routines, no matter how consolidated. I could tell you so much about Plankton – but it’s not my job. My job is telling you how to use it in your daily life. Sceptic? You shouldn’t be: in 2017, the spring of eternal youth is located at your local beauty shop, although if you can go directly to the source in southern France, you won’t be disappointed. Three Biotherm products contain Life Plankton at a similar or higher concentration than the water from the spring: the essence, the sensitive skin emulsion, and the mask. The first was inspired by eastern beauty routines, the second is your weapon of choice to defend your skin from pollution, and the third one – well, this one is just incredible. Its gel-like texture makes it a real treat, which you can apply with a small spatula in the evening before going to sleep. You’ll start noticing differences from the very first morning: your skin will be relaxed, luminous, tight. Ready to bathe in the spring of eternal youth? 😉

The complete Life Plankton range
Biotherm Life Plankton Mask
The complete Life Plankton range
Biotherm Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion

from The Blonde Salad


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