Summertime in Milan: 5 Swimming Pools to Escape the City Heat in The Summer

Locals have heard this a million times: “Milan would be the perfect city if only it was on the sea!”. There’s some truth to it: a nice beach is the only thing the city is lacking. But while there is no seaside for you to sunbathe, you can still head over to one of the city’s many swimming pools that definitely deserve a visit during the summer. Let’s say your day off is blessed with the most amazing weather and a cloudless sky: staying home is just not ok, especially without air conditioning. The best thing to do is to dive into one of the city’s pool and refresh yourself. For those of you who can’t go to the seaside, or prefer to spend their vacations in a different type of destination, here are our 5 favorite swimming pools in Milan. Goodbye, humid heat!

Bagni Misteriosi
This won’t be news to you: Bagni Misteriosi has been the most popular pool in Milan for a couple years, since it’s been renovated with impeccable taste, a large pool, and a bar for your happy hours needs. If you’re in (or you like people to think you are), then you must visit!

Piscina Argelati
Just behind Porta Genova and a stone’s throw from the Navigli area, Piscina Argelati is one of the best loved swimming pools in the city. The facility was opened in the 1960s and it was the first uncovered outdoor pool in Milan. Find respite from the extreme heat in one of their two mega-pools!

Lido di Milano
A huge swimming pool with the capacity for a large amount of people without making you feel like you’re been smothered by the crowd: this is the go-to pool for Milanese youth, thanks to the water slides that make everything more fun! Lido di Milano is definitely worth a visit this summer.

Piscine Saini
Not far from Parco Forlanini, Piscine Saini underwent a renovation some time ago that completely changed its face and made it a lot more functional. It has two pools (one olympic-size, one a kid’s pool) and there’s more: it has a large venue for events and a spacious garden and a sunroom.

Piscina Scarioni
Piscina Scarioni is slightly less central than the rest of the swimming pools on this list, but that also makes it the least busy. It has three outdoor pools, one of them olympic-size: this was the venue for the 2007 Euroleague water polo championship finals. Thanks to regular upgrades, it is one of the most modern and complete aquatics centers in the city and you should not miss it.

Bagni Misteriosi
Bagni Misteriosi
Bagni Misteriosi
Bagni Misteriosi
Piscine Argelati
Piscine Argelati
Lido di Milano
Lido di Milano
Piscine Scarioni
Piscine Scarioni

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