Street Food in Milan: 5 New Spots You Cannot Miss

If you thought that excellent food in Milan was a corollary of the Expo 2015 and that you’d never spot a yummy lunch in the city after that… think again. The city of Milan has just just granted about 50 new licences for street food vendors to take to its streets – and why wouldn’t it? Street food is the meal of choice of both for young people and businessmen. Located in various parts of the city, these food trucks will offer a wide range of great food, from meat to pasta, from desserts to exotic dishes. Ready for a summer of yummy food in the streets? Here’s 5 food trucks we’re dying to try!

Tira il piatto contro il muro The cooks in the kitchen of this Ape Car will be two Syrian refugees who have made their way to Italy via humanitarian corridors. The menu is obviously Arab and ranges from falafel to homemade hummus. A much appreciated novelty!
Pestofino Liguria (and more) within reach! Feeling like eating pasta tonight, but don't have time to sit in a restaurant? This is going to become your favorite truck. Trofie al pesto, pansoti with a nut-based sauce and fried panissa will be the staples here!
Sorry Mama What the chef is asking for forgiveness for with this tongue-in-cheek name is cooking a typical Italian homemade dish – but in a food truck. What would that be? Lasagna, of course! Both your regular lasagna and some new, inventive recipes such as a vegetarian lasagna. From now on, your Sunday lunch in available on the street!
Braciamoci Finally, you can have BBQ'd meat downtown! The spiedini (meat on skewers) are out-of-this-world and easy to eat anywhere, but you can also find sandwiches filled with all the meat your heart desires.
Apemilia Here comes the traditional food of Emilia Romagna! This little truck is like a tresure chest, filled to the brim with hams, gnocchi (dumplings), and tigelle (a local type of bread). Your lunch break has never been faster or better!

from The Blonde Salad


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