TBS Taste: Casa Infante e Leopoldo, Naples comes to Milan!

Neapolitans in Milan have been hoping this would happen for a while, and people from Northern Italy may have heard about it, and felt curious to find out more. Finally, the day has come: the historical patisserie and taralli makers Leopoldo, who have been delighting Neapolitan palates for over 70 years, finally arrived in Milan, opening their first shop in via Torino 48, very close to Duomo. And of course, TBS Crew rushed to taste these sweets first hand, as soon as they could!

The story of this patisserie started in 1940, when a young man named Leopoldo, who had learned the craft from his father-in-law, decided to open his very own small store in the heart of Naples. The quality of raw ingredients, and the family’s professionalism, made the Leopoldo brand very widely known. Leopoldo’s son Patrizio Infante, in particular, and his two sons Fabio and Marco, perpetuated the family’s secret recipes, and decided to “export” them to Northern Italy.

So, now you won’t need your Neapolitan friends visiting Milan to come with a large tray of sfogliatelle, babà and taralli, because Naples came to Milan now and it is here to stay, fortunately. And that is not all, because the family generously decided to include another one of their “creatures” in their Milan shop: Casa Infante. What is Casa Infante all about then? It’s about artisanal ice cream, characterized by creativity and innovation in their choice of flavors.

Marco Infante, who takes care of the creative and productive aspect of the company, comes up with new flavors almost weekly, rigorously using local products from Campania, making customers happier and happier every day. A few examples of their flavors, to give you an idea: Malafemmina, Baiocchi cookies, Sacher Sbagliata, Bianco Cereali… Totally mouth-watering!

And that is not it. In addition to ice cream, Casa Infante also has another ace up its sleeve that will definitely win the hearts of everyone in Northern Italy, too: buccaccielli. The word is Neapolitan for small jar, Casa Infante’s buccaccielli are local Neapolitan specialties placed in jars. Once again, original flavors blended with authenticity are the company’s strength: pistachio-based Pistacchiato, a dangerously addictive spread, is the king of buccaccielli. And we are not just saying this, we know so from first-hand experience, not hearsay!

We pampered ourselves and decided to test several gelato flavors, as well as some of Leopoldo’s traditional products. We feel it is our duty to recommend their Cuore di Babà, a destructured babà cake stacked into a glass, making it very easy to enjoy as street food, too. There is really something for everyone, for lovers of savory tastes, and for those with a sweet tooth… And we are pretty sure that the people of Milan will also fall in love with Neapolitan tradition!

Cuore di babà
Strawberry pie
Buccacciellio ai Ringo
Buccacciello ai 5 cereali
Pistacchiato cream
Neapolitan aperitivo: taralli + birra
Cannolo with pistacchiato cream
Vince is loving his huge ice-cream
Pistacchiato flavor
Brioche with ice-cream and Baiocchi
Francesca is sooo happy to eat il Cuore di babà
Babà in the making
Ready to eat!
Cuore di babà in Milano
Ice cream
Giulia enjoying her "nuvola"
Tarallo in Milan
Cuore di Tiramisù
Zeppolone con fragoline
Vince and sfogliatella, is a love affair!

from The Blonde Salad
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