Beauty Brand 2 Know: Davines


The Bollati family started producing cosmetics in 1983 in Parma, with lots of love. They always focused on quality, which, in their case, meant having the freedom to create the best products, with care and respect for the environment. After ten years of research and improvement, they now decided to launch their own brand.


This is how Davines, a brand of professional cosmetics for hairdressers, was born. The line is inspired by all things that reflect simplicity and modernity, because their beauty is always modern. Davines’s idea is to create concepts and products that are destined to become classics of timeless charm. Davines doesn’t follow any trends, but in a perfect flow, it is always riding the waves of the latest trends.


The company’s attention for environmental issues is unprecedented: they produce their formulas with locally sourced ingredients, in recyclable, sustainable packaging, and they use renewable energy sources during their production process. For Davines, there is only one final aim: better life standards for their staff, their partners and their customers. Isn’t it a mission to be fully embraced?


Their essential haircare products are irresistible, in their transparent jars, filled with pastel colors. Being able to shop both online and at the salon is essential for us, and Davines managed to do that right, too! Have a look at the gallery to discover our favorites, and get some inspiration for your next visit at your hair stylist’s.


Davines MINU Illuminating and Protective Shampoo for Coloured Hair
Davines MOMO Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry Hair
Davines MELU Shampoo for Fine, Delicate Hair
Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist
Davines MINU Illuminating Hair Serum
Davines Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer
Davines NOUNOU Nourishing Repair Mask

from The Blonde Salad


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