How to create an expensive-looking look, spending very little money!

Who didn’t dream of having a catwalk-worthy look, or of owning iconic clothing from a trendy brand, at least once? Time to get real, and accept the fact that we cannot afford that — at least not all of that, perhaps a few items every season. Anyway, how can you have a dream look, spending little money? Let’s start by keeping in mind that the price of products is usually more related to the brand’s identity than to the item’s actual value, so if you manage your budget properly, and see what alternatives the market offers, we assure you that you can easily build looks that seem to be made of costly pieces, while spending way less than you would ever have expected. Not bad, right?
Are you wondering how to do it? The first step is to ask yourself what style feels like it’s yours, and what is your dream brand. After picking the look you want, or figuring out who your model woman is, it is time to move on to composing your outfit, thinking about what you need to complete the look. Last but not least, for each item or accessory, think about what shops can offer the best alternative for your budget. And voilà, there is no need to have an outfit full of logos to have some style… If you really want to do it, even affordable, cheap items can work wonders!

How to have a sleek, sophisticated look that seems expensive but actually is not. Inspiration: The Row and 1990s Prada

Monki dress
Uterqüe flats
Mango clutch

How to have a colorful, romantic, yet practical look that seems expensive, but actually is not. Inspiration: Rosie Assoulin and Johanna Ortiz

Cos trousers
Mango earrings
Zara top
Uterqüe mules

How to have a cool, urban look, that seems expensive but actually is not. Inspiration: OFF White and Vetements

Adidas track pants
H&M shirt
Versus Versace Vintage sunglasses
Bershka choker
Zara boots

from The Blonde Salad


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