#Chiara30: time to celebrate!

Hey, it’s #Chiara30…Time to celebrate! Last night we held Chiara’s birthday party (she’s turning 30 on Sunday) and it was dabomb.com… But if you watched our Instagram Stories you already knew that! The date was at 7 PM at Mimmo Milano, which we decorated with some of Chiara’s clones in cardboard version and a mega neon sign – our Birthday gift to our #girlboss! – that was the night’s hashtag. Childhood friends as well as new ones started coming through the door and the night was officially on: group photos at the special photo booth, drink tasting – we had a special cocktail made, guess what? Its name is ChiaraSpritz and it contains grapefruit and cranberry… Delicious! – and improv dancing.The moment that made the night was definitely when we showed the video we made as a surprise for Chiara (check it out below the gallery) and right after that when Fedez and Rovazzi took over the dj-set, sharing tracks with our friend Graziano della Nebbia, to end the night in style. Check out the photos in the gallery, enjoy!

We are TBS CREW!
Rovazzi and Fedez dj set
Bartenders for a night
Marina and Chiara
Chiara's squad
Filippo Fiora, Alessandro Enriquez and Filippo Cirulli
Chiara and Rachel Zeilic
Chiara and Alessandra Grillo
Federico and Chiara
Chiara's family
Patrizio Di Vita and Lorenzo Serafini
Vincenzo Sabatino
Chiara and Federico
The sweetest part of the night
Chiara and Laura
Chiara and Silvia
Luca Vezil and Stefano Tei
Rovazzi and Fedez dj set
Chiara and Nima Benati
Violante Nessi
Chiara while watching the video we made for her
Sara Battaglia and Chiara
Chiara and Bebe Vio
Diego Dolcini and Chiara
Andrea Caravita, Fabio D'Amato, Angelo, Chiara, Alice Carli, Giacomo Berardi and Luisa Lozupone
Fabio Maria D'Amato, Chiara and Andrea Caravita
Our gift for Chiara!
Chiara and Gianluca Cantaro
Alice Carli, Chiara and Angelo
Graziano della Nebbia
The location
Carlo Mengucci and Chiara
Having Fun!
Filippo Fiora, Filippo Cirulli and Alessandro Enriquz
Francesca and Xie
Chiara and Federico
Anna Gaion and Bebe Vio
Dj set
Rovazzi djing
Alessandra Grillo
Chiara and Robert Cavalli
Filippo Fiora, Chiara, Filippo Cirulli, Gresy Daniilidis and Diego Dolcini
Giovanna Quattro
Lorenzo, Leonardo and Camilla Barindelli with Pasquale Morgese
Zhanna Bianca and Chiara
Giorgia, Vera and Francesca
Video moment!
Martina and Chiara
Riccardo, Chiara and Elisabetta Mauri
Andrea Caravita and Martina
Angelo and Chiara
Chiara and Vincenzo Grillo
Valentina and Chiara

Pics by Marco Onofri

from The Blonde Salad
via http://ift.tt/2phjh1m


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