Want a different sort of weekend? Then visit one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Italy

Collective memory is possibly the most precious thing we have in this world. Medieval villages are an example of this precious heritage, and they are scattered all over Italy, from North to South. These small towns are a beautiful example of what urban areas looked like over the past centuries, they are true gems in which time seems to have stopped. The Middle Ages left us with some of the most beautiful, spectacular and romantic villages you can see in the country, with city walls, squares, castles and courts that look just like they did a thousand years ago. If you want to travel back in time, or simply get out of the chaos and the pollution of the city for a few days, these are the destinations for you.

Civita di Bagnoregio (Flickr Fabio Cecchin)
Civita di Bagnoregio (Flickr Umberto Bellitto)
Spello (Flickr phoebec)
Castiglione di Sicilia 
Castiglione di Sicilia
Bolgheri (Flickr Leonardo Roina)
Bolgheri (Flickr tiziano pieroni)
Orta San Giulio (Flickr tukuricckton)
Orta San Giulio (Flickr Tiziano Photography)
Canale di Tenno (Flickr Luigi Angrisani)
Canale di Tenno (Flickr Dmitry Trofimov)
Montegridolfo (Flickr saverio d'ambrosio)
Panicale (Flickr Donslight)
Conca dei Marini (Flickr Lememen)
Conca dei Marini (Flickr Valerio Stellato)

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