Beauty Bound Season Two: And The Winner Is…

An epic battle in the middle of a jungle, 64 aspiring beauty vloggers and one product: Facial Essence Treatment by SK-II. Beauty Bound, a web series that encourages those who dream of creating beauty-related digital content to showcase their talent, challenging one another in a series of trials with a high content of creativity, is on its second season.

The location for the final challenge: Okinawa Jungle
The contestant ready to start
Ready to go!
SK-II Facial Essence Treatment
The challenge was pretty hard
But the guys were thrilled
It was thought, but it was funny too!
Working on new contents
Some of the girsl
The view was amazing!
Looking for some shells
SK-II Facial Essence Treatment
Did it!
Flying over the jungle!

This season, Chiara, as one of the main faces of SK-II’s project Face The Wild|Face The Camera, was the chief judge of the jury that examined the work of the 9 finalists, choosing the winner in the jungle of Okinawa, Japan.

Chiara was chief of the jury
During the evening
Talking with the other members of the jury
She selected the winner among the 9 finalists
She was wearing the same dress that she wear in Face The Camera photoshoot
During the event
On stage
Beauty in red

The lucky winner was Fairuz Nadia Anuar, better known as @innermaverick, from Malaysia: she won everyone’s hearts thanks to her extensive knowledge of the world of beauty, but also thanks to her incredible creativity, and her on-screen showmanship skills.

Watch the video she created for the competition after the gallery!

The finalists of the competion
And the Winner is....

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