Cool ways to match a T-shirt and a shirt

You probably never wondered about this, because this is the kind of thing everyone takes for granted: anyone can match a T-shirt and a shirt in the right way… Can’t they? Since we are here, though, let me make a confession: I never wore this combination because I always ended up feeling like I looked like a skater boy, whenever I looked in the mirror. After watching Yeezy‘s Fall Winter 2017 show and researching a little, though, I realized that it is possible to be ultra feminine also with the most basic of looks. Forget any rock’n’roll inspiration and think  of something cool and sensual, instead. Any more tips? Take a look at a few combinations I selected in the gallery, to make a simple pairing like T-shirt + shirt your trump card for next season.

Re/Done T-shirt
Vetements trousers
Mango shirt
Eye Petizer x TBS sunglasses
SENSO boots
GCDS T-shirt
H&M shorts
Weekday shirt
Fausto Puglisi boots
J. Crew scarf
Weekday T-Shirt
Isabel Marant waist belt
River Island shirt
SENSO sandals
Oasis skirt
Isabel Marant Etoile hat

from The Blonde Salad


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