The most mysterious places on Earth: when nature creates the incredible!

We often complain about the society we live in, about corruption in politics, we moan about our catastrophic love life and about our boss who got us angry. Contemplating the beauty of nature is the one thing that can fix all this, and offer us some relief. How many times has a walk in a green, luscious park made our burdens feel a little lighter? How many times has a sunset chased those bad vibes away? This works because nature is everywhere around us, and yet, sometimes nature also likes to hide its best treasures, revealing unique scenery only to those who are bold enough to go look for them. Our planet is dotted with mysterious places whose sole architect was Mother Nature. Have a look at our gallery for some sensational images of truly unique places you surely never saw before! From a pink lake, to a red river, to stone monuments of utterly crazy shapes… Enjoy the show!

Zhangye, China. The National Geological Park of Danxia, there are these mountains by the unique colors! (Flickr Miriam Quintero)
Pamukkale, Turkey. In the middle of the arid countryside, they were born these wonderful water pools. Aren't they magical?
Atacama, in Chile. This is the amazing "hand of the desert"! (Flickr Pablo)
Caño Cristales, Colombia. This river has red water and it is the most famous of the Country.  Honestly, the color is due thanks to mosses present on the river bottom.
Marble Chapel in Chile, Patagonia. It is a cave where the millennia groundwater have carved the rock and, thanks to the reflections of the lake, offering amazing shades.
Pinnacles desert in Australia. These small pinnacles make the landscape unique and rare! (Flickr Meraviglia viaggi)
Lost Gardens of Heligan, Uk. Strolling through the greenery of these gardens, you will find yourself in front of some really curious sculptures! (Flickr lady black)
Uyuni, Bolivia. This is the "desert of salt", which is able to create the surreal reflections on the surface! WOW! (Flickr Yuzuru Ozawa)
The Door to Hell, Karakum, in Turkmenistan. Here you have a crater, in this case artificially formed, but terribly nice! Isn't it? (Flickr Lachlan Towart)
Menabe, Madagascar. This huge avenue is populated by twenty super tall baobab tree (over 30 meters). Even the most enormous basketball player would feel a dwarf. (Flickr  Craigs Travel)
Fly Geyser, in Nevada. Guys, this is most likely the only active geyser in the world! The water formed such a incredible colors!
Arizona, USA. This is the famous "Wave" in the middle of the desert. Best spot for a photo shooting, right? (Flickr JPCaminha)
"Glow beach", Maldives. The amazing effect of an illuminated sea is due thanks to the special luminescent organisms that inhabit these waters.
The Park of Monsters of Bomarzo, Italy. Do not be afraid, because this park is truly a beauty! (Flickr Stefano Madrigali)
Quinta da Regaleira, in Portugal. This is nothing more than a tower on the contrary. A lot of people attribute this pit of esoteric meanings, just because at the bottom of it there is a Templar cross. So creeepy!

from The Blonde Salad


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