The most beautiful American colleges: true gems of architecture!

Surely, some of you already know that just less than a month ago, Chiara and some of our TBS Crew members paid their second visit to Harvard to talk about The Blonde Salad, whose story was used as a case study in the American college. It was an enriching and satisfactory experience, and one thing that struck our attention when we were there, among others, was the beauty of the buildings that are part of Harvard’s campus. In the States, students don’t just study on campus, they also live there, as part of their university experience. And some of these universities look just amazing! We made a selection of some colleges that look like real works of art, incredible architectural gems. Have a look at our gallery, and pick your favorite: you can visit some of these colleges even if you are not a student there!

Harvard University, Cambridge.
Furman University, Greenville.
University of Notre Dame, Indiana
Princeton University
Baker-Berry Library, Hanover, New Hempshire
University of Minnesota
University of Virginia
Duke University, North Carolina
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
UCLA, Los Angeles, California

from The Blonde Salad


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