How to wear pigtails without going back to elementary school

We bet that the last time you wore pigtails, your mum was probably in charge as your hair stylist. It’s not hard to believe, after all, this is a very popular hairstyle for little girls who go to school. And yet, today we are here to debunk that myth: you can actually wear twin tails without having to go back to elementary school. How? Look at the catwalks to find out: as always, the shows are good inspiration that can suggest new interpretations of our most favorite hairstyles.

low-twin-tailsThis is definitely the most minimalist version, as well as the easiest to manage. Make it just like any low ponytail, only this time, you will part your hair in two. To spice up this style, play with the parting: have you ever tried to part your hair with a zig zag line? Just use a rattail comb, direct it with your wrist, and give a new dimension to your hairstyle.


braid-itIt’s not about cheating, no, no… Pigtails are still the basis here. But, braiding them will make it all more sophisticated and it will make you look more like the models on the catwalk. As trendy as they may be, avoid wearing backpacks with your braids though, because the Catholic school girl effect is just around the corner 😉

It might seem like a paradox, but using fun hair ties and accessories will help make your twin tails a lot more glamorous. Avoid rainbows and unicorns, but do say yes to stones, geometric shapes and metallic elements. Check out our gallery for inspiration for your hairstyles, as well as for accessories to try with pigtails or other hairdos!

Rosantica Teatro tasseled gold-tone hair tie
Miu Miu
Lelet Hair Tie
Miu Miu Silver-plated Swarovski crystal headband
Jennifer Behr Hair Tie
Miu Miu
Gucci Headband
Miu Miu
Marc Jacobs Hair Clips
Miu Miu
Maison Michel Headband
Miu Miu

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