Woman Crush Wednesday: Clara McGregor

So, here we are, with the next installment of our celebrity kids saga, featuring a beautiful 21-year-old girl today. We know you ,must be wondering, “what, a celebrity kid, again”? Well, yes, what can we do if millennials are so popular and so interesting now? This Wednesday we’re telling you about Clara Mathilde McGregor, a young woman who is starting out in the world of fashion, and who also happens to be British movie star Ewan McGregor’s first child — her dad starred in a lots of famous productions, including Trainspotting, Star Wars, Angels and Demons and Moulin Rouge. Clara has clear blue eyes and a beautiful smile that reminds us of her mother’s, Eve Mavrakis. Clara made her first public appearance only a year ago or so, at a movie opening — until then, as Clara said in an interview, her parents wanted to protect her from the media spotlight. Now, the beautiful McGregor girl came forward, though, first in the fashion world, and later on in cinema, following her father Ewan’s footprints. The New York fashion week that just ended was Clara’s first occasion to show herself and be in first row at the week’s most important events. This definitely wasn’t her first contact with fashion ever, though: the young woman was already the face of Fay’s Spring Summer 2017 campaign with another celebrity child, Levi Dylan. While the two might look like they have a very good connection in the photos, that doesn’t mean there’s anything going on, so stop your malicious thoughts right there: Clara is already in a relationship with DJ Gordon Goodman. Clara is used to being in front of the camera; when she was a little girl, her dream was to be behind the camera to take photos of the famous supermodels that made fashion history. So, she went from dreaming of a life behind the lens to spending time in front of it, and with great results! This girl really seems to have lots of great qualities — want to know one more? She speaks French fluently, too! What can we say, it doesn’t really matter if she turns into a top model or a successful actress, we just wish her the best because it is always good to see a young woman put so much effort in what she does.

Fay's Spring Summer 2017 campaign
Fay's Spring Summer 2017 campaign
Fay's Spring Summer 2017 campaign
Clara and her father Ewan McGregor
Clara and her boyfriend

All the photos are taken from Clara McGregor Instagram profile

from The Blonde Salad
via http://ift.tt/2ln1k22


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