The most spectacular amusement parks in Europe

February started, and the countdown towards the start of Spring began along with it. The days are getting sunnier, the weather is getting more and more pleasant, and the days longer and longer. All of this drags us out of our winter slump, encouraging us to get out more, and do things outdoors again. The arrival of the most pleasant time of the year coincides with the reopening of amusement parks, which make us so excited  — the small ones, sure, and the large ones even more so! Rollercoasters, Ferris wheels, water games and horror tours: there is something great for all those among us who like to spend at least a day a year in these truly incredible theme parks. From Italy to Germany, all the way North to Denmark, Europe really seems to have the most beautiful, scenic theme parks in the world. Have a look: who is up for trying them all?

Tivoli, Denmark (Flickr Roxi)
Tivoli, Denmark (Flickr pupsandmaps)
Disneyland Paris (Flickr William McIntosh)
Disneyland Paris (Flickr Fer Moreno)
Futuroscope, France (Flickr Wenda Zhou)
Futuroscope, France
Gardaland, Italy
Gardaland, Italy (Flickr Massimo Grattieri)
Efteling, Netherlands 
Efteling, Netherlands  (Flickr YohanesPC)
Paultons Park, UK

from The Blonde Salad


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