The most beautiful active and inactive volcanoes in the world

They’re beautiful, they are imposing and they can be located near the seashore, or in the middle of nowhere — some of them are very scary. What are we talking about? Volcanoes, of course! Whether they are active or not, they always give us wonderful images, the kind of landscape that only nature can offer us. Our planet is full of them, from Europe to Asia it’s all a competition on what country has the most incredible volcano. Words are useless at this point, so enjoy the gallery and its absolutely sensational images, and let us know which volcano really sets your heart on fire.

Mount Fuji, Japan (Flickr Tan Yilmaz)
Mount Fuji, Japan (Flickr weesam2010)
Villarrica, Chile (Flickr luke sergent)
Villarrica, Chile (Flickr Christopher Momberg)
Volcano Etna, Italy
Cotopaxi, Ecuador (Flickr Latin Discoveries)
Kilauea, Hawaii (Flickr Stacey Berardino)
Popocatépetl, Mexico (Flickr Richard Aguilar M)
Krakatoa, Indonesia (Flickr Crizdee1)
Mount Licancabur, Chile/Bolivia (Flickr Torsten Klein)
Mount Licancabur, Chile/Bolivia (Flickr Carlos Diaz)
Mount Merapi, Indonesia (Flickr connie lianto)
Vesuvio, Italy (Flickr marialetizia)
Vesuvio, Italy (Flickr Francesco Marino)
Tavurvur, Papua New Guinea (Flickr UltraPanavision)

from The Blonde Salad


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