Woman Crush Wednesday: Iris Law

Blood is thicker than water, we have to say that this week, especially since we are talking about the offspring of one of the most charming men in the planet: Jude Law’s daughter, Iris Law, to be specific. We already talked at length about Rafferty a few weeks ago. This time it is Iris, his sister, who is at the center of our attention. The beautiful 16-year-old was chosen as the face of the new Liquid Lip Velvet by Burberry. Iris’s parents Jude and Sadie Frost are both actors, still, Iris seems very oriented towards a career in fashion, which already started in 2015 when she posed as a model for the Violetta Fancies You x Illustrated People campaign. If Kate Moss is your godmother, that means somebody definitely got you covered, after all. Little Iris law really looks the current prototype model: she is beautiful and she has pouty lips — does she remind you of Lily-Rose Depp, too? While we wait to see how our WCW‘s life develops, we have an obvious question here: Jude, do you keep any other model children hidden somewhere?

Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet
Illustrated People x Violetta Fancies You campaign
Iris and Raff Law

All the photos are taken from Iris Law Instagram profile

from The Blonde Salad
via http://ift.tt/2jwgrTp


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