2017 is the year of long weekends: here are 5 European cities to discover

You read the news, right? 2017 will be the year of long weekends, the year during which holidays will incidentally — and luckily! — happen to be very close to the weekend. It’s only the first week of January, and I already feel like 2017 will gift us with so many great emotions! A long weekend usually brings a trip with it, at least for us at TBS, and even if we don’t go too far, we like to try to cross the border, and go to another country. We wrote a lot about European capitals like Paris, Barcelona or Berlin. This time, we decided to introduce you to some less obvious places in Europe that are also interesting, and definitely deserve more attention. Have a look at our gallery, jot down your favorite long weekend plan… And get booking!

Genova, Italy. It's not really news for anyone: Italy is packed with fascinating, unique towns. Genoa is one of them, in the north-west of the country. It's beautiful in winter and even more so in summer, thanks to its beautiful sea. Don't leave without visiting San Matteo's Church, the Aquarium -- the most famous in Italy -- and the majestic D'Albertis castle. (Flickr  Enrico EPH)
Genova, Italy (Flickr  Federico)
Genova, Italy (Flickr  Riccardo Fontanari)
Helsinki, Finland. The capital of Finland is the northernmost place in our list, and a destination packed with UNESCO-listed places. It's impossible to list them all, but do note down these ones: the islet of Suomenlinna, Töölö bay, Kaivopuisto park, the incredible Lutheran Temppeliaukion church, and the Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum. (Flickr  Graham)
Helsinki, Finland (Flickr  Andrey)
Helsinki, Finland (Flickr  chrlnz)
Tbilisi, Georgia. Even if Georgia gets described as Asian as well as European, we still decided to include it in our list because it's a wonderful city. The Georgian capital is basically an open air museum. Make sure your don't miss the Flea Market at the Dry Bridge, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and don't leave without tasting khachapuri. (Flickr  David Khutsishvili)
Tbilisi, Georgia (Flickr  roy.mrad)
Tbilisi, Georgia (Flickr Vadim Klochko)
Riga, Latvia. The Latvian capital has been getting more and more crowded with tourists. Riga fascinates its visitors with plenty of Art Nouveau architecture, and affordable prices, which is always a plus. Not to miss: Gaismas Pils (the national library), the Latvian National Opera and Rigas Doms, the charming 13th century cathedral. (Flickr  Felix Machleid)
Riga, Latvia (Flickr  Federica Gentile)
Riga, Latvia (Flickr Joerg)
Porto, Portugal. Portugal was voted the place to go in 2017, and we will make sure not to miss our chance. Porto is full of attractions, and it is strategically located on the Douro river. Here is what must be on your to-do list: see the Casa da Musica, have a drink in the Baixia, visit the Palacio de Cristal and walk up the 200 stairs of the Torre dos Clérigos. (Flickr  Filip Knezic)
Porto, Portugal (Flickr  Juan Mercader)

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