How to dress to celebrate Christmas with the boyfriend’s family

This is the first year I celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend’s family. It’s a new thing for me and I never had to figure it out before, but there’s a first time for everything, and of course I feel like I am not ready at all. I know I don’t have to look striking, but I still want to make a good impression. His grandparents and the rest of the family will be there with his parents, I really can’t mess up! Do you have any tips? Just kidding! I already gave it a lot of thought, actually, and I now have an action plan, which follows this few, simple rules.

1) No to excessively elegant party looks: in front of family, a minimalist look is a better bet than a flamboyant one

2) There will be at least five or six courses, so no tight clothing.

3) No to high heels, yes to mid-heels, a.k.a. the perfect alternative if you want to look cute, smart, and become the family’s favorite new entry.

Zara dress
Valentino ballerinas
Cos necklace
Gorjana necklace
Topshop jeans
Zara top
Miu Miu pumps
Eddie Borgo earrings
Sarah Sebastian ring
The Row T-shirt
Topshop skirt
Tabitha Simmons boots
Isabel Marant earrings
Sal y Limon ring

from The Blonde Salad


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