TBS Taste: One Block Down, snack and shop in Milan

Close your eyes, and imagine a sneaker paradise where you can also stop by for a moment to savor a coffee or a snack. Now, wake up, open your eyes, and rejoice, because this place really exists and it is called One Block Down. The readers who live in Milan probably know it already, since it became the go-to store for sneakers in the city. Starting in March, they also added a corner entirely dedicated to food, which you can enjoy starting at breakfast time, all the way to aperitif. A deli bar brimming with deliciousness, and a bunch of wooden tables, peeking from behind a tall wall covered in shoes, make the area perfect for a little break. We have to admit we had been curious to try their concept for a while, and taste what’s on offer at this little cafe which specializes in avo toast, panini, extracted juices, smoothies, salads and delicious desserts — look at the photos to get an idea of what is on offer! Like always, we made a point of tasting a bit of everything, and presentation — together with their colorful, tasty extracted juices — was possibly what struck us most: everything is served on wooden plates, using recycled material. Surely, the birth of this shop was in no way good for our wallets, because how can you not have a look at the new sneakers in the shop, after a bite of focaccia and a sip of your matcha…? By the way, matcha is totally our latest obsession. So, anyway, if you are in the city center and need a break from your shopping spree, stopping by One Block Down is essential, even just for a heartwarming little afternoon snack. Thanks guys, and see you soon, I need to go back there to buy those sneakers I spotted last time, while stuffing my face with avocado!



See all the pics of our TBS Taste

One Block Down
One Block Down
Making our own salad
Part of the menu
Avocado toast
Vince really enjoying his smoothies
Avocado toast for 4
Estelle and her americano
This chocolate cake thou
We want it..
YAY, finally our slice
Romy, Vince and Angelo
Vince trying some stuff from the store

from The Blonde Salad
via http://ift.tt/2gSjoAl


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