Foliage: where to admire Europe’s most beautiful Fall landscapes

Winter can wait — we are not ready for serious cold yet, and most of all, we haven’t had the time to admire the fantastic landscapes that only fall can offer. We are talking about foliage, that magical moment in which leaves of every color mix side to side, ranging from green to orange, to dark shades of brown, creating the palette for a wonderful, enchanting landscape. And yes, foliage is very romantic, too! Strolling in a park, or near a lake, and suddenly finding yourself in what looks just like a movie scene is a rather common experience for many of us. What really makes us love foliage is that it’s all about nature: there is nothing artificial to it, nothing man-made. This article is for those of you who love Fall colors like I do, and who find this season simply magical. So, before winter makes its grand entrance, take some time to visit all these wonderful places.
Let’s see who gets the most likes on their photos! 

Hraunfossar Waterfalls, Iceland (Flickr  Andrew Rhodes )
Hraunfossar Waterfalls, Iceland (Flickr  Margrét Elfa Jonsdottir )
Hraunfossar Waterfalls, Iceland (Flickr  Rob Storrar )
Val de Loire, France
Val de Loire, France (Flickr  Joel Aubry )
Val de Loire, France (Flickr  Olivier Bourdin )
Oppland, Norway (Flickr  claracolor )
Oppland, Norway (Flickr  Geir Srisoi )
Oppland, Norway (Flickr  Runar Vestli )
Val di Non, Italy (Flickr  Valentina Zuech )
Val di Non, Italy (Flickr  Giacomo Faccio )
Val di Non, Italy (Flickr  Vita Nova Trentino Wllness )
Summer Garden St. Petersburg (Flickr  Joanne McKinnon )
Summer Garden St. Petersburg (Flickr)
Summer Garden St. Petersburg (Flickr  Harps n Horses )

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