3 ways to wear your duvet jacket and look stylish

Winter really isn’t our best friend when it comes to fashion. It’s surely much more fun to just slip into short silk dresses, fluttering in the summer breeze, add a pair of nice lace up sandals, oversized sunglasses and a cute leather jacket. Sigh. So easy, so chic! But hey, no need to be down in the mouth, because even if practical warm winter jackets were a clear fashion “don’t” for a long time, they’ve been finally scrapped off this list for good. It finally became kind of odd to stand there in the cold freezing your butt off, just because you felt the sudden urge to look cool, and figured you would wear your light denim jacket to satisfy it. So if you 1) don’t like to be stared at like you’re crazy 2) think it would be nice to to survive this winter without getting the flu 3) consider yourself being a bit fashion-forward, keep on scrolling down to check out our favorite three winter jacket looks, featuring Peuterey Felicity Jacket. You’ll see, you can wear them on any occasion!


How to dress for an art exhibition...
Peuterey Felicity Jacket is a special jacket inspired by Felicity Jones, one of the main character of Inferno the movie.
Alex Monroe 
Alex Monroe 
Jimmy Choo 
How to dress for a city trip...
Peuterey Felicity Jacket is a special edition of the iconic jacket of the brand.
Hilfiger Denim 
Chiara Ferragni Collection 
Sal y Limon 
How to dress for the office...
Peuterey Felicity Jacket is slim fit and water reppellent.
Maison Margiela 
Roger Vivier 



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