Can’t you wear see-through clothing even with very full breasts? The answer is, yes you can! Here is how.

Despite society apparently doing its best to encourage women to be positive and self-assured about their bodies, it is not always easy to accept ourselves the way we are: we always seem to want to change something. One of the most typically female weaknesses is the obsession with wanting to have a different body from the one we have, whatever we look like. In my case, even if a lot of people will not understand, even if so many women wish to have exactly what I have, my dream was always to have smaller breasts. If I did, I could wear tight, see-through clothing without being afraid to look overly sexy, I could spend a day without a bra, I could dare to wear very low cut tops, and most of all… I would always avoid the awkward moment in which guys look just a little under your face when they are talking to you… I can’t stand that!

Since some celebrities, like Emily Ratajkowski, started promoting the idea that “we are more than our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality”, I realized that they are right: I should just honour my physique as much as I can, and just use my being “sexy” to my advantage. So I thought, what have I never dared wearing because I think my breasts are too big? See-through clothes, that’s what: I always dreamed of wearing jeans with a transparent tank top, or a romantic lace dress, with a beautiful sheer effect. Sounds easy, right? Still, I never managed to leave the house wearing any of these outfits.

It’s obvious: I clearly can’t wear this kind of clothes without a bra underneath, but I still shouldn’t let my breasts be a limit that stops me from doing that at all. If I want to wear them, I will find a way to feel comfortable and self-assured. And remember, wearing a jacket over them is not a solution! There are other ways to dare to wear see-through clothes. If you are curious, look at our gallery for a few ideas for girls with D+ boobs, as well as for anyone else who might be feeling a little too shy to comfortably wear see-through clothing. What do you think?

Make it simple.

Make it simple.
Wolford top
Protagonist top
Zara jeans
Gucci loafers

If you wear the dress of your dreams don’t ruin it changing colors or adding many layers

Valentino dress
Gianvito Rossi boots
Wolford bodysuit
Mark Cross bag


See trough layering is always a good idea!

Miu Miu top
Weekday top
Commando bra
Zara skirt
Marni ballerinas



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