Velvet Love :: Textured blazer & Midi wrap dress


Happy Monday everyone!  And happy holidays!




Velvet for the holidays is like brunch on the weekends.  Or like cats on laptops… there’s an inevitable gravitation.  My cat is literally on my laptop right now as we speak and I’m typing with one finger navigating between his paws.  In other words, velvet and the holidays belong together.  And velvet is so timeless and versatile!  It’s perfect for day and night.

From morning lattes to late afternoon meetings, I love creating the feel of a power suit.  Pairing similar textures together with this textured blazer and velvet pants is a great way to elevate a day look.  For night, I adore classics with a twist!  This velvet wrap dress is beautiful for office parties and perfect for girl’s night outs.  With all black ensembles, I like adding pops of color (red on the lips and gold accents in the accessories) to give more depth to the look.





I hope you enjoyed both looks and the styling.  Thank you so much for reading!  And special thanks to Target for partnering on this post!

Outfit Day :: Target velvet blazer | Target striped top | Target velvet pants | Target velvet scarf

Outfit Night :: Target velvet wrap dress | Target chandeliers earrings | Target clutch | Target cuff

from Wendy’s Lookbook
via wendyslookbook


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