Beauty Brand 2 Know: Verso

WHO A company that tries to completely overhaul the concept of beauty routine. VERSO is a Latin term that means reverse, and their idea is to turn back time, taking care of your skin, in order to be prepared for time to pass, without worrying too much about the marks that it might leave on our face.

WHAT A unique complex, called Retinol 8, patented by Verso, that is up to 8 times more powerful than the regular vitamin A that is found in cosmetics and over-the-counter products. This complex is the magic potion behind this product line’s success, although Verso involves science way more than magic.

WHY Going back to the very essence of things is a wonderful idea, both for your beauty routine and for your spirit. Their search for simplicity produced very pure formulas, containing no parabens, mineral oils, or any other toxic substances.

TBS ❤ The minimalist looks of this line, which aims at being essential and focuses on results, without any false promises. All of their products would be worth a try, but we definitely have a sweet spot for their Lip Serum and their Eye Mask. 😉

The Verso skincare line
Verso Travel Series 3
Verso Super Facial Oil
Verso Night Cream
Verso Foaming Cleanser
Verso Super Facial Oil
Verso Super Eye Serum
Verso Reviving Eye Mask
Verso Day Cream
Verso Dark Spot Fix
Verso Travel Series 3
Verso Super Facial Serum

from The Blonde Salad


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