When your grandma dresses better than you: style icons over 60

CopeeeeeEveryone talks about young models, teens monopolizing social media, but there’s another category that could really hold surprises when it comes to style: women over 60. Agée ladies can be much cooler and daring than their younger “peers”. Even the brands noticed it, especially beauty houses. Just look at the latest advertising campaigns that feature mature women as Jessica Lange, Charlotte Rampling, Susan Sarandon or the very-Italian Sophia Loren. Or even the world of social and web, starting from Advanced Style, born to pay tribute to ‘older’ models, a sort of The Sartorialist that shows how a woman over 60 can be elegant and boast a distinctive and recognizable style. Some examples? Besides the super famous style icon Iris Apfel (93 years old!) and Miley Cirus’s funny ‘muse’ Baddie Winkle (88), in our gallery you’ll find the agée women that most stand out for their style, confidence and age pride. In other words, our grandma could easily be cooler than us. Maybe we should check out her closet and ask her for style advice ;)

jQuery(document).ready(function () {

// get current slide’s number
function currentSlide() {
var hash = window.location.hash || ‘#photo-1’;
return parseInt(hash.replace(/[A-Za-z#\-\/!]/g, ”) – 1);

// global vars
var cycleSelector = jQuery(‘.slideshow’),
startSlide = currentSlide(),
hasSlid = 0;

// append some markup for the controls

// start jQuery Cycle

startingSlide: startSlide,
// when using the next/prev links
onPrevNextEvent: function(isNext, idx, slide) {
hasSlid = 1;
window.location.hash = “photo-“+ (parseInt(idx) + 1) + “”;
return false;
// when using the pager thumbnails
onPagerEvent: function(idx, slide) {
hasSlid = 1;
window.location.hash = “photo-“+ (parseInt(idx) + 1) + “”;

return false;
timeout: 0,
pager: ‘#nav ul’,
next: ‘#next’,
prev: ‘#prev’,
speed: 500,
// build the thumbnails
pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) {
return ‘

  • ‘;

    // bind to the hashchange event
    jQuery(window).bind(‘hashchange’, function () {
    var slideNo = currentSlide();
    // we only want to fire the slide change if the next button or the pager hasn’t done it for us
    if (hasSlid === 0) { cycleSelector.cycle(slideNo); }
    // return it back to zero
    hasSlid = 0;

    // when the page loads, we need to trigger a hashchange
    jQuery(window).trigger( “hashchange” );

    jQuery(‘#gallery-wrapper’).on(‘swipeleft’, function() {

    jQuery(‘#gallery-wrapper’).on(‘swiperight’, function() {



    from The Blonde Salad
    via http://ift.tt/225hwVZ


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