Model Hazel Jane on Her $16 Brow Secret and Embracing a New Beauty Standard

With the exception of her images, there isn’t much information about Hazel Jane online. That’s the thing; she lets the photos speak for themselves. Her range is palpable. From commercial beauty shots to editorials in French cafés to shadowy close-ups, she allows whoever may be viewing the pictures to take in the fact she can do it all without having to say the words. When I saw her in person, younger-looking than I expected and graceful in her movements, she was sweet and lithy, like the ingénue in so many of those classic films. But once we got to talking, there was a sparkle behind her eye, a passion and wisdom often left from the character in the movie.

On set, she transformed. Adorned in chunky, silver glitter and dollish pink lips, she had me transfixed. We sat down to discuss her thoughts on beauty—from her favorite products to the way her aesthetic has changed, as well as how modeling has altered the way she interacts with confidence and beauty ideals. Below, find her thoughtful words.

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What Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist Would Buy at CVS

I knew Daniel Martin when his career was on a steep incline. He’d been named the creative color consultant for his client Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company and a brand ambassador for Dior, also counting Hollywood elite like Bella Hadid, Priyanka Chopra, Jessica Biel, and Elisabeth Moss as clients in his Rolodex. Still, even as an in-demand figure in the industry, he’d still answer my direct emails with lightning speed and give me the warmest hug and hello when I’d see him at events. Dare I say he’s the kindest in the industry?

Likely a reflection of his bright persona, Martin’s general makeup aesthetic is very fresh-faced with occasional pops of color, perhaps most recallable of which was the much-anticipated beauty look of the year: Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup for her nuptials to Prince Harry, the light-touch, freckle-baring work of Martin himself. Although he hasn’t revealed the exact brands and products he used (in an interview with Glamour, he mentions products like Korean sunscreen, water-based foundation, tinted lip balm, and luminzer), we imagine a heavy mix of Dior and Honest products. However, Martin is no stranger to a good drugstore find, especially when it comes to CVS, a brand he’s recently joined forces with. Curious which products the makeup mogul would purchase himself at CVS, we asked for his top 10 picks. Find them below.

The is perhaps the most-beloved affordable lash brand by celebrity makeup artists. We weren’t surprised to see Martin cite these fluttery strip lashes as one of his go-to picks “for that added pop in the eyes to make them appear bigger.”
Speaking from experience, E.l.f. blush is quite remarkable. The color payoff is that of a product you’d find in the department store, and while the shades may look a bit alarmingly vibrant in the pan, they translate instead to flattering flushes of color. Says Martin, “[They’re] soft focus and buildable color, great for many skin tones.”
Byrdie HQ has quickly fallen for this micro brow pencil from Korean beauty–inspired newcomer brand Joah, with one editor even saying it works better than her usual prestige offering. It’s got great staying power, a precise tip to expertly fill in sparse areas, and a high-quality spoolie for pre- and post-pencil grooming. “[It’s] the perfect two-in-one product to fill in and groom eyebrows,” says Martin.
Martin says this non-sticky liquid primer is “great after moisturizer for that added hydration and glow.” It’s got just the right amount of faint shimmer to it to enhance your skin’s natural radiance, especially on days when your complexion is feeling a bit lackluster.
Available in cool, warm, and neutral undertones for a wide variety of shade ranges, the True Match collection complements a number of skin tones. Says Martin, “The shade options for this line are great and I love the way the formula melds into skin seamlessly.”
Martin praises this product’s ability to offer everything you want in a gloss without any sticky aftermath. It also boosts collagen and is fortified with hyaluronic acid to plump lips and help them appear fuller over time.
“This product gives the perfect amount of glow without looking shiny on the skin,” says Martin. It gives off a beautifully diffused candlelit glow rather a high-powered dose of sparkle.
This is more than a facial contouring and highlighting palette, as Martin uses the deeper shades in this palette to define beyond the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. “I use this to shape out eyes and cheeks, especially for more dramatic evening looks,” he says.
Perfect for either a sharp-winged cat eye or a diffused line, this dual-ended liner offers both options in one handy tool. Explains Martin, “[It’s] versatility and ease in one eyeliner for two different finishes.”
A matte finish without drying out the lips, this lipstick offers a soft finish that outlasts eating, drinking, and whatever the day throws at you. Martin uses it as more than just a lipstick, too. “This formula is comfortable on the lips, and I love it as well on the cheeks too.” 

Next up: more of our favorite products hiding at CVS.

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5 Foods a Nutritionist Would Remove From Your Diet

Pritchard’s philosophy is centered around eating foods just as they would be found in nature. Cereal and bread, for example, go through a process before they land on your kitchen table looking the way they do. “Cereal is made using a high-pressure extruder and is so highly processed that it requires a lot of energy for your body to break it down,” Pritchard says. “And sugary cereal is just an absolute no-no; sugar and flour are the most damaging to your colon. Most bread contains gluten, and as we all know, we don’t produce the enzyme that breaks down the gluten protein found in wheat. So it’s difficult for all of us to digest, whether we show obvious signs of it or not. Bread and cereals are also very dehydrating for your body and can cause constipation. This makes you feel tired and slows you down during the day.” Not exactly the kick-start to your morning that the boxes claim. Instead, try something like gluten-free oats, which has more fiber and protein, and less sugar.
In other breakfast food news, it’s time to toss out your yogurt. “We think of yogurt as being a health-food item, but most yogurts contain a lot of added sugar,” Pritchard says. In fact, the average flavored yogurt contains upward of 30 grams. And while the nutrition labels don’t distinguish between naturally occurring sugar and added sugar, we know that the naturally occurring sugar makes up less than half of the total. Couple that with the fact that the American Heart Association’s current recommendation for maximum consumption is 24 grams per day for women (36 grams for men) and you can see why yogurt makes the nutritionist’s no-no list. Pritchard’s suggestion? Find a sugar-free alternative. “We make our own coconut yogurt at Kore Kitchen, which is dairy-free, and coconut contains natural sugar, so it doesn’t need any added sugar—especially when we pair it with fresh fruits and superfoods!” Want to make your own? Try Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe for coconut milk yogurt.
“If you didn’t get the memo 20 years ago to give this up, let me remind you that one can of soda contains 40 grams of sugar. That’s way more than you should have in a single day, let alone in a single meal! Sugar feeds cancers and diseases in your body, and makes your body acidic enough that bad bugs can thrive,” Pritchard says. Plus, as noted above, white sugar has no nutritional value. So again, empty calories. If you still crave the fizz, never fear—she has a tasty alternative. “Try kombucha instead for an effervescent, flavorful drink that helps alkalize your body and contains healthy bacteria that improves your digestion.” Health-Ade Kombucha comes with Pritchard’s nutritionist seal of approval. You find it in many health food stores, and Amazon sells 12-packs for $85.
Yes, organic produce can be more expensive, but before you write this one off as too preachy, consider the reasoning. “Fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than what we’re consuming today,” Pritchard says. “This is because of the intense agricultural practices that have depleted our soil. So when you eat an apple today, you’re not getting as many nutrients as you would have a decade ago.”. Sad but true: Going organic isn’t just about avoiding pesticides. “You should focus on eating the highest-quality, most nutrient-dense foods you can get your hands on.” It’s simple really: Put top-quality fuel in, get optimal output. To pep up your veggies, we recommend dunking them in hummus for a healthy and satiating snack. 
Next up: How to Stop Drinking Soda, According to Nutritionists.  This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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16 Products, Tips, and Treatments We Underestimated in 2018

Pessimism is never a good look. But any beauty editor who pleads innocent to slowly becoming a skeptical shell of a beauty consumer is either 100% lying or conveniently blessed with the most unparalleled patience. Frankly, we’ll presume the former. It’s not that we don’t want to have faith in every single product or treatment we’re offered, but there’s only so much disappointment one can tolerate before giving ingredients, lofty claims, and “results” an extra-scrutinous side-eye.

There’s always a silver lining though, and we’d like to think disappointment has actually made us better at our jobs. We’ve become pickier consumers and significantly more particular when it comes to products, tips, and treatments we tout to you here on Byrdie. Of course, with innovation and creativity at an all-time apex within the beauty industry, trying everything out and weeding the good from the not-so-good has become increasingly cumbersome. Fun, but cumbersome. After almost a full year of beauty-centric trials and tribulations, however, we’re finally ready to uncover our previous pessimism and reveal the underrated products and treatments we seriously underestimated this year. Some have even become our can’t-live-without, ride-or-die essentials! Curious? Keep scrolling for the must-have products, tips, and treatments that resulted in whiplash-esque surprise.

“I’ve always been dubious of lash-growth serums, mostly because I’m bad at using them consistently and usually give up after a few days of not seeing results (or just forgetting). But I swear, after using GrandeLash just once or twice, my lashes looked noticeably longer and thicker. I know it sounds crazy, but this product really works. Plus, since I am seeing results, I’m more inclined to keep using it to keep up the length and volume. Using GrandeLash and getting a keratin lash-lift has made it completely unnecessary for me to get lash extensions ever again, which also means my lashes are healthier now than ever. Just the other day, an acquaintance DM’d me on Instagram asking me about the length of my lash extensions, to which I replied, ‘They’re real!’ It felt really good.” — Faith Xue, editorial director
“I have no idea why I underestimated Glossier so much, but I recently had to eat a big helping of humble pie. After spending a week using only Glossier makeup for a review, I fell in love with Glossier’s Lash Slick. At first glance, I thought it was too natural-looking and not nearly volumizing enough, (I like a big lash), but by the end of the week, I was totally swooning. It is natural, and it doesn’t create those big, sultry lashes you look for on a night out. But what it does do is offer up exceptionally separated, super-lengthened, and really fluffy, fluttery lashes. The formula makes it so that once it sets, it doesn’t budge. And since my eyes are particularly watery, this is paramount.” — Hallie Gould, senior editor
I’ve always been a mascara lover, so no surprises there, but I’m intensely picky about my formulas and can count on my finger the number of mascaras I’ve religiously worn and loved over the years. That took a sharp turn in 2018 though. Like Hallie, I also become rather infatuated with Glossier’s Lash Slick, and in a very interesting plot twist, I became obsessed with the brush-on-fiber duo from Aussie brand ModelCo. To be honest, I’ve never met a two-step fiber mascara I’ve liked (they’re typically so messy and disappointing), but this one delivers flawlessly long results. It’s ridiculous, and I’d go so far as to say they look better than falsies or extensions. People kind of freak out (in a good way) when I wear it, which is now always.
“When CBD beauty products started bubbling up in early 2018, I thought the trend might be a gimmick spawned by people’s excitement over California’s legalization of cannabis. But the consistent out-rolling of amazing CBD-infused makeup and skincare products has proven me dead wrong. The plant ingredient’s nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties can do wonders for your mood, your skin, and your lashes and brows. Milk’s Kush collection and Lord Jones products have become go-tos for me this year, and I only see the CBD beauty market continuing to explode.” — Amanda Montell, features editor
I started taking these gummies almost a year ago on the dot, and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that 2018 was filled with more good hair days (and compliments!) than I’ve probably experienced collectively in my entire life. First of all, they’re delicious. Second of all, they really freaking work. My hair hasn’t been this long, shiny, healthy, or stylable since high school, and I fully attribute that victory to these hair-saving gummies from Hum.
“I figured my fate was cut out for me as a brittle-nailed girl until I recently tried a sheer, pink-peach shade from Zoya’s Naked Manicure collection. Rather than serving as any old nail polish, the Naked Manicure system is fortified with keratin fillers and finely ground vitamins and botanicals to promote micro-circulation and oxygen exchange. After applying two coats of the Pink Perfector shade (second bottle from the left) on a whim before shooting some close-up hand shots for Byrdie, I was shocked at how firm my nails were, as if several layers of nail had been magically added. They also look incredibly healthy (as if gently buffed, not shiny) with not even the slightest indication of peeling or breakage. I’m completely amazed at how much stronger my nails have become since using the polish and can’t see myself stopping in 2019.” — Lindsey Metrus, managing editor
While I’m sure my collection of peach fuzz was quite happy cozily housed on my face, I could not believe my eyes (or my stroke-happy fingertips!) after I was professionally derma-planed for the first time by esthetician and creator of StackedSkincare, Kerry Benjamin. I know I’m very late to the party, but honestly, this is the first party I’m actually so mad I wasn’t punctual for. Benjamin’s in-spa handiwork instantly shaved (kind of literally) what looked like inches off my face, nixed some lingering acne pigmentation I’d been struggling with, and made my skin feel baby-bum smooth—very much a good thing when you’re a foundation lover like I am. Thank goodness for this at-home tool which yields the same skin-gratifying results. Peach fuzz, you’re no longer welcome here.
Hey, it’s me, Erin, again showing up way too late to the party. Micro-needling: Some people love it, and some people hate it, and frankly, I’d only ever been intimidated by it. Since I have sensitive, acne-prone skin, I’d had multiple facialists steer me away from the popular skincare practice, but when I went in to see Kerry Benjamin (see above blurb!), she thought my tired, slightly congested skin could benefit. Plus, she was just about to launch this 2.0 version of her infamous and cult-loved micro-needling tool, and we thought it would be fun to take it for a spin. (I’m on such a roll.) . Even though the stainless steel needles and pricking sensation of the device aren’t exactly relaxing, and the treatment process did leave me a little red, I could not believe how rosy, glowy, plump, and addictively dewy my skin looked post-treatment—and in the days afterward. Naturally, I took her new micro-needling tool home with me, and it’s since become a once-per-week ritual my skin truly looks forward to. Plus, isn’t it pretty?
“I’m very picky when it comes to concealer—snobby even. So when KKW’s newest offering came across my desk, I didn’t get too excited. But after trying it, I realized it was the perfect daytime formula that looks sheeny, natural, and flawlessly neutralizes dark circles since it has a coral-colored tint. You need very little (applying too much will cause creasing), but it works really well. Kim, I’m a believer.” — Hallie 
“Face oils and I have had an on-again, off-again relationship. There was one I fell in love with a few years back when face oils started trending in the beauty world, but after a while, I felt like it was too heavy to use in L.A., even in the ‘winter.’ Then, I moved to New York and my skin had to get used to being in 30-degree temps for months. I piled on moisturizers and stocked up on overnight masks to no avail. I still woke up with a dry, tight feeling. Then, esthetician Georgia Louise suggested I try a face oil. I reached for Mara’s Universal Face Oil, which had been tucked behind my moisturizers patiently waiting for this very moment, and sure enough, I woke up with bright, hydrated, glowing skin. Since then, I haven’t stopped using a face oil at night and alternate between the brand’s Universal Oil and the new Retinol Face Oil. Other than wearing a full-face ski mask, it’s my best defense against New York’s frigid winters.” — Faith
“I am devoted to my Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970. I practically sing its gospel every morning as I swab it on my face. It’s changed my skin for the better in every way, diminishing pores, keeping breakouts at bay, evening my skin tone, brightening, the works. So when I ran out and the company had the product on backorder, I was admittedly panicked. I’d been using the magical potion every day for over a year. That was when I tried Glossier’s The Solution. It had been branded as a P50 peer, a chemical exfoliating toner with salicylic acid to unclog pores, glycolic acid to improve skin texture, lactic acid for discoloration, as well as aloe, glycerin, and niacinamide to calm and soothe. By no means did I expect for it to work anywhere near as well as P50, but it did. It’s been two months of use and I haven’t noticed a single change in my skin since the switch. Color me surprised and delighted.” — Hallie
“Admittedly, I was pretty skeptical about the CBD movement at first and wasn’t convinced it would impart a noticeable change in my stress and anxiety response. But as I researched it a bit more, I learned that its anti-anxiety effects are science-backed, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try, especially since it’s a natural plant extract. “I was gifted with some CBD dark chocolates at a Sweat With Bec class. Let me tell you, the effects were completely unexpected. It almost felt as though I had taken a muscle relaxant. I was so blissed out in the best way and felt like I could take on the full day of work I had ahead of me with ease. The effects only lasted for a couple of hours, but an easy remedy for that is to just eat another. Now I know that I have a secret weapon against stress before it even kicks in.” — Lindsey
“For my birthday this year, I treated myself to lip injections, and I don’t regret it one bit. I went to SkinSpirit in San Francisco, and my doctor added just enough to give my pout a little more oomph while still being pretty subtle. “Along those same lines, I also discovered my new favorite lipgloss this year: Ilia’s Lip Gloss in Peek a Boo. It’s a pinky nude that adds a little shine, and I’m obsessed. I’ll be using this lip gloss for years to come.” — Kelly Gallagher, social media editor
This year was truly the year of ModelCo for Team Byrdie, and even though I’ve honestly loved every single thing I’ve tried from the brand, the mascara (mentioned above) and this plumper gloss are the two I pretty much use every single day. Like Kelly, I also dabbled in lip injections for the first time in 2018 and have been crazy-obsessed with the results but have been equally obsessed with this lip-plumping gloss which accents my fuller pout in a super-flattering and unobvious way. Unlike most plumping gloss formulas, it actually works (how about that?) and feels super wearable and comfortable once applied to the lips. I swipe it on first thing when I’m doing my makeup each morning, allowing it to sink in and marinate while I go about all other makeup business. Then, by the time I’m ready to apply my lipstick, any vertical lip lines have completely dissipated and my lips look far more pillowy, smooth, and soft than they did pre-gloss. Also, as a rule, I historically hate gloss, but this one I can totally stomach. I’m not sure, but maybe it’s magic? Next up: 9 Buzzy Makeup Products We Predict Will Be Best Sellers in 2019

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9 Easy Hairstyles for When Your Hair Is 90% Dry Shampoo

We’re all for adding an extra day or two in between shampooing. It frees up our mornings, adds a cool second-day grit to our hair, and even helps hold certain styles in place better than clean hair. The only issue is, after a day too many (depending on your hair), things start to look a little less effortless and a little more, well, greasy. But here’s the silver lining: There are cool, on-trend styles that look better with dirty hair and disguise the fact that you’ve forgone a wash entirely. Lazy girls, rejoice.

With that in mind, we did a bit of stalking on our favorite celebrity and hairstylists’ Instagrams to find our favorite greasy hairstyle picks. Below, find the nine most covetable (all of which you can do at home on your own) and why they’re perfect for second (or third-day) hair. Keep scrolling for your next hair inspiration.

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These Are the Most Photogenic Ice-Blue Beauty Products Ever

When we say “frost yourself,” what’s your knee-jerk reaction? Matthew McConaughey? Kate Hudson? A Hollywood-fabricated diamond campaign? Well, yes. Same. But, it also makes us think of the hoards of ice-blue, delectably frosty beauty products we’ve received by the pounds this season.

And while the shade is a bit unlikely where highlighters, shadows, and lipsticks are concerned, most of the formulas we’ve tried are curiously flattering and/or just fun to wear. (Makeup is supposed to be exciting, guys!) Plus, isn’t a strategic streak of icicle-blue highlighter atop a sculpted cheekbone the ultimate accessory for dressy winter festivities? We think so.

So in the spirit of all things one-part frigid, one-part fantasy, we decided to put together a subzero collection of ice-blue beauty products we kind of think you need to try this winter. Scared to plunge into frozen waters all at one time? Some are so subtle and shimmery, it will feel easy to dip your toe in to test the waters.

From polish to pots of glitter, here lie 19 ice-blue beauty products sure to send super-chic shivers down your fellow partygoers’ spines this season. Keep scrolling!

For just a hint of ice-blue color, this super-luxe eye shadow from Clé de Peau can be applied with either a finger or brush is formulated with the brand’s Hydro-Wrap Complex EX and premium argan oil. 
We’re big fans of Tom Ford’s Cream Color for Eyes ($46), but this multitasking cream-and-powder duo takes our shadow came to the next level. We love how the pretty neutral shade of shimmery powder adds an extra dimension to our lids when we want some variation. The cream is a little more turquoise than ice, but it’s just too pretty not to include. 
Not much is better than a gorgeously glimmery eye shadow that’s only $5 a pop. Plus, we’re just really into this sugary sweet shade of blue—just in time for the chilly winter months. 
When someone says “eye shadow,” Huda’s pretty collection of palettes immediately come to mind. Aptly, named, we’re obsessed with the brand’s Precious Stones Collection—especially this Sapphire option featuring nine different iterations of wintery blue, silver, and chartreuse. 
A true powder blue with hints of subtle shimmer, this ice-y blue eye shadow is the perfect option for the minimalist who still wants to get in on the color trend this winter. 
When it comes to glittery lid toppers, Stila always comes through. This limited shade in Admiral is insanely flattering, especially in low lighting. (We’re thinking New Year’s Eve?) It’s described by the brand as a mint green with icy blue and violet sparkle. And yes, we think it’s practically perfect in every way.
Not only does this intoxicating shock of glitter from look delicious, it’s also formulated with the most luscious and healthy of ingredients. Think cosmetic glitter anchored by marshmallow root, sea kelp, aloe vera, and lemon. Trust us, it’s pretty, and we’ll be wearing it all winter long. 
Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal liners are legendary. And while classic cult-favorite Amp isn’t new, per se, we can hardly wait to add it to our collection of ice-blue beauty products this season. 
In addition to having the most streamline of textures (this best seller is a long-wear cream-powder hybrid!) we’re equally enchanted by how pigmented the metallic finish of this icy duo is. Plus, as true with everything Fenty Beauty, it’s guaranteed to flatter each and every skin tone.
We were initially wary when we saw the bold blue colors that made up the “fire” side of Wet ‘n Wild’s Game of Thrones–esque Fire & Ice Collection. Alas, after sweeping it lightly on top of our cheekbones, our worries were instantly assuaged. The blue is so pretty and perfectly discreet. (Plus, it’s only $5!)
Nyx consistently boasts top-tier quality that rivals even the most expensive of beauty products. Plus, it has the shade ranges and finishes to match. Whenever we apply this baby-blue liner, we instantly look 10 times more awake, and our eyes instantly more bright and white. 
Marc Jacobs’s cult-favorite gel liners are beloved for their velvety smooth application, shockingly durable wear, and of course, the absolutely gorgeous colors. Right now, we have our frozen hearts set on this icy turquoise shade called Blue Me Away. 
Brace yourself, because this isn’t your average colored mascara. Handily double-ended, this whimsical drop from Urban Decay is intended for brows and lashes alike with a creamy more opaque formula on one end and an eye-catching metallic on the other. 
For curl, volume, and length, look no further than Benefit Cosmetics’ forever favorite mascara formula They’re Real! This shade of iced-out cobalt, however, takes your lashes to even higher heights. Even better, it never flakes, smudges, or dries out. 
This bold shade of winter-perfect blue isn’t for the faint of heart, but then again, it’s another member of Wet ‘n Wild’s Fire & Ice Collection, so would you really want anything less than maximum impact? It’s metallic, iridescent, and 100% necessary for your pout this season. 
Packed with lip-plumping ingredients (an It Cosmetics signature!), this buttery gloss also features flattering blue pigments that bring out the white of your smile to make your teeth look blindingly white. Or at least almost blinding. Oh, and if you’re wondering, it doesn’t actually blue once applied! 
A brand-new holiday debut from Kylie Cosmetics, this ice-inspired lippie isn’t exactly blue, per se, but it does boast pretty flecks of sapphire and violet sparkle for an inarguably ice-blue finish. We can’t think of a better time of year to don it atop our pouts.
If sporting chilly shades on your face isn’t your thing, you can still get in on the pretty shade this winter by wearing it on your nails instead. This understated option from Zoya is a wintery alternative to your normal neutral of choice and is perfectly opaque in case you’re also allergic to glitter. 
More adventurous? Take your ice-blue manicure up (or should we say down?) a degree with OPI’s new winter collection, Metamorphosis. Truly, it looks like glimmering dusting of fresh snowflakes atop your tips. So pretty.  Next up: 6 Editors Tried The Number #1 Foundation at Ulta—Here Are Their Honest Thoughts

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15 Beauty Products That Defined 2018

If we learned anything about beauty trends in 2018, it’s that what products and looks are christened as cool evolve faster than ever before. Gone are the days when every American woman would hop on one collective beauty bandwagon, buying the same lip pencil or face cream as everyone else for a year straight. Thanks to social media, the diversification of brands and the hyper-crowded beauty marketplace, consumers’ tastes are more varied and move quicker than at any other point in beauty history.

All that said, there are still a few products that cohesively defined America’s overall beauty vibe in 2018. This year, we saw several distinct patterns, including the launch of CBD-infused beauty, natural formulas with minimal packaging, expanded cosmetic shade ranges, and a lot of understated glitter makeup (as understated as glitter can be).

The following 15 beauty products were the ones that we think best encapsulated 2018 as a beauty moment in time. Keep scrolling to see the eye shadows, face masks, mascaras, and more that made the list.

This was the year of CBD beauty, and chic skincare and wellness brand Lord Jones dominated the market. The brand launched its hypnotic-smelling body lotion this year, which contains a high concentration of CBD—perfect for easing post-workout soreness, period cramps, and any other icky pain-related maladies. (It’s available on where it has almost a perfect five-star rating.) The brand’s ultra-calming CBD gummies were also a defining product of 2018—especially on stressful days at Byrdie HQ.
It would be inaccurate and just plain irresponsible to talk about the beauty products that represented 2018 without mentioning Fenty, which I’d go so far as to say was the one cosmetics brand that defined the year above all others. At the end of 2017, Rihanna released her now award-winning 40-shade foundation collection, which sent ripples throughout the entire makeup industry, and in the year since, brands from Covergirl to Dior have followed suit, expanding their foundation shade ranges. Fenty has been a groundbreaker in the makeup world this year. Its Gloss Bomb and Diamond Bomb both easily deserve a spot on this list as well.
Certainly one of the buzziest releases of the year was celebrity facialist Shani Darden’s resurfacing serum, which she calls the gentle sister to the Retinol Reform. A bright, radiant, even complexion achieved without beating the crap out of your skin was definitely the overall skincare vibe in 2018, and Shani’s new product (which celebs like Drew Berrymore already swear by) is basically that philosophy in a bottle. (Click here for a full review of it.)
High-tech skincare was something we also saw a ton of in 2018, not least of which is this ultra-rich, regenerative moisturizer. The new and proprietary formula was developed by scientists to feature natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and synthesized molecules, which help the body enhance its own stem cell production. The pricey, royally packaged product is Violet Grey’s skincare best seller. 
More CBD! Milk Makeup shook the cosmetics industry this year by releasing an entirely new CBD oil–infused makeup line, starting with its ridiculously volumizing Kush Mascara, then brow gel, then a lip balm and mask (available December 26). We can definitely expect to see more CBD-infused makeup in 2019, but it all started this year with Milk.
This new holistic, ultra-chic bodycare line features a simply packaged and sustainably produced body lotion, wash, and lube. We saw the launch of several nontoxic, ethically made, female-empowering body and sexual health products this year from awesome brands like Lola and Sustain Natural, but our wellness editor Victoria says Nécessaire is the one that “perfectly encapsulates minimalist skincare.” So 2018.
Korean-inspired skincare went absolutely nowhere in 2018. In fact, interest in the country’s innovative textures and formulas only continued to skyrocket as proven by the much-hyped launch of Glow Recipe’s highly Instagramable avocado sleeping mask (the richer counterpart to its best-selling watermelon mask). It’s like the avocado toast of skincare in that you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t always in the mood for this super-hydrating, gently decongesting overnight mask, which quickly earned almost a perfect five-star rating on
Strobing and lightening hair sprays (like highlighters for your hair) were a big trend this year, and one of the buzziest launches of the bunch was this summer product from Ouai. The lemon-coconut water spray is heat-activated, so upon exposure to the sun, it gives the hair subtle highlights. IGK’s glitter hair spray and Summertime Hair Lightening Spray were a couple other fun 2018 launches in this category.
Higher-end, non-granola natural deodorants became a major thing this year, and Kopari’s much-anticipated, Allure Best of Beauty Award–winning, and Sephora best-selling coconut deodorant was perhaps the year’s best-loved pick. 
L.A. bloggers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland released their much-hyped Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask this year, which, if you spent any time on Instagram this summer, you couldn’t miss. According to an in-depth review by Byrdie’s UK editor, “The balm-like cream that smells very subtly minty contains antioxidant-rich vitamin C to brighten, niacinamide to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, chestnut extract to gently exfoliate, and green tea to reduce puffiness and inflammation. What’s genius about this mask is that it’s a no-nonsense product made for and by busy people. You slather it onto cleansed skin, leave for 10 minutes, and then tissue off the excess. Skin feels moisturized and plump while looking brighter and calmer.”
We thought there were no new advancements to be made in the self-tanner world until Isle of Paradise’s totally natural, organic, non-gross-smelling, beautifully packaged, and easy-to-use line of products came out in 2018. These lightweight 100% clear drops, which you can apply to your body or face lotion, changed the self-tanning game this year—and not only because the brand used regular people with actual human bodies in its ad campaigns. Isle of Paradise is also the only self-tanner to earn Sephora’s new Clean Beauty seal.
Pretty much every year in beauty since legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath launched her iconic line has been a Pat McGrath year, and 2018 was no exception. She launched so many lust-worthy items this year, from eye shadow palettes to lip balms, but we have to single out her newest launch, a ridiculously mesmerizing BlitzTrance lipstick which deposits a full-coverage coating of crystallized color onto the lips, making them look shimmery, enchanting, and very holiday-appropriate.
More glitter: Glossier’s hotly anticipated Lidstar was at the forefront of the “eye topper” makeup trend. Shimmery, glossy liquid eye products are only going to continue to take the makeup market by storm.
Another empowering brand that got real with its ads this year was razor delivery service Billie, which featured actual human female body hair (gasp) in its Project Body Hair campaign, along with the slogan, “If and when you feel like shaving, we’re here.” This chill attitude toward real bodies was very representative of 2018.
Another brand that really symbolized a shift in the diversity and wearability of makeup this year was makeup artist Linda Wells’s new line, Flesh, in which the products were formulated to flatter truly every skin tone. The shade ranges and formulas stole Team Byrdie’s hearts this year, especially these insanely glow-inducing highlighter drops. (Read a full review of the line here.) Next up: Makeup artists say no one will be wearing their brows this way in 2019.

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